Mountain Bike

Mountain Bike

I felt the contact with nature.

Through this modality of mountain bike, the contact with natural narrows and access to very interesting places, enjoying each moment and counting on the possibility of being demanded and tested in the variety of reliefs and climates Bariloche and its surroundings have stages for all levels of demand:

Beginners: people who know how to ride a bicycle without mastery of changes.

Advanced: perfect mastery of the bicycle with changes and training medium.

Experts: perfect mastery of the bicycle and previous experience in roads

Mountain with good training.

Some places where it is practiced:

Gutiérrez Lake, Cerro Catedral, Colonia Suiza, Cerro Otto, Neumeyer Refuge, Laguna Llum.

Traves I to: Villa Los Coihues (Gutierrez Lake), Villa Catedral.

Ask your arrival at reception for the available activities, according to the season in which you visit us.