Circuito Chico

Circuito Chico

The most traditional tour of Bariloche.

Duration: Half a day.

Departure day: Every day of the year.

Distance: 60 km approximately.

Departure time from the centre: Daily at 9:00 hours and 15:00 hours throughout the year.

This excursion, perhaps the most traditional of all, begins its journey in the downtown by Av. Bustillo to the west. Avenue that is located in the margin south of Lake Nahuel Huapi and that borders this lake in almost all its route. This way, the city, the forest and the lakes are integrated in their entirety. At the height of km. 8 we can have a panoramic view of the central part of the lake with the Huemul Island in front U.S. Further on, in km. 17 you get to the base of the Aerosilla Campanario Complex, where You can ascend in the Aerosilla (optional), and from there get a magnificent view, framed by mountains and lakes. Following the route you will reach the Llao Llao area, with its main attractions: the Llao Llao Hotel with its imposing natural setting of the Lopez hills, Goye and San Eduardo Chapel. The Llao Llao, important architectural legacy, which is integrated into the natural environment and Puerto Pañuelo, from where the navigations leave for the Nahuel Huapi Lake.

Subsequently, a panoramic point is reached at 645 ms. nm, from where you have a Beautiful view of the East and West Moreno Lakes, and the Llao Llao Peninsula. Continuing the travel, you enter Colonia Suiza, (beautiful town), famous for the elaboration of curanto and place of residence of residents descendants of Swiss.

Later, it connects again with the junction of Av. Bustillo, which takes us from return to the city, ending this tour.