Cerro Tronador

Cerro Tronador

An Unmissable Excursion. Meet the highest hill in Bariloche.

Duration: Full day.

Departure day: Every day of the year.

Distance: 225 km approximately.

Departure time from the centre: from 9:00 hours, returning at 18:30 hours approximately.

Leaving the centre towards the south, we take the mythical route 40 passing in the route by the east margin of the Gutiérrez and Mascardi Lakes until joining the route 82 province at the height of Villa Mascardi. At 300 meters we stop at the office of the ranger of the Tronador Area to pay the entrance to the protected area. On the way you can see autochthonous forests, beaches, mountains and waterfalls. Crossing the bridge over the Manso River you can stop at Los Rápidos to rest a few minutes. The route continues along a winding road ascending over the Valley of the Manso River and continue to Pampa Linda, a beautiful place where you can find lodging and gastronomy services and Guardaparque detachment. Further on, you can see the Black Ventisquero, a natural phenomenon whose origin is the immaculate white of the Tronador's summit, characterized by its thunder produced by the pieces of ice that fall from its glaciers. Right there is born the Manso River, a typical mountain watercourse, which descends zigzag from the Tronador to the Pacific, overcoming the differences in height through the formation of rapids and waterfalls, such as the well-known waterfall Los Alerces, Chaining in its wake a variety of beautiful lakes.

Cerro Tronador is the highest volcano in the Nahuel Huapi National Park, it is located to 3,478 meters of height above sea level, natural limit between Argentina and Chile. This hill bears the name of Tronador, due to the rumblings that originate the ice blocks detachments.